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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Canada has a solid healthcare system but for international students, it can take months to get health insurance. We, thus, recommend that you apply in advance. Without insurance, medical help is extremely costly and can make life difficult for you in Canada. So, applying early will ensure that you are covered from the day you arrive in this wonderful nation.

  • Following all the conditions of the study permit
  • Making progress in your academics
  • Stay enrolled in a Designated Learning Institution

Medical Insurance Costs

The average cost varies from one city to the other. We have collated the costs (per year) of the most popular cities for you: 

  • Quebec: 500 CAD
  • Newfoundland: 480 CAD
  • Ontario: 450 CAD
  • Nova Scotia: 500 CAD
  • Alberta: 68 CAD per month
  • New Brunswick: 275 CAD + 200 CAD for additional coverage
  • Manitoba: 450 CAD
  • Prince Edward Island: 500 CAD