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Student Journey

Student Counselling

Heading overseas for higher education can be an emotionally and financially overwhelming process. It requires effort, research, and a lot of time.

Our Student Counseling services aim at making this process as easy as possible for you. We offer personalized counseling sessions to understand your requirements and objectives and provide the best possible assistance to help you realize your career pathways. With our services, you will have a clearer mind with more organized thoughts about your studies and your career goals.

Step 1
Program and School Selection

Selecting the right program and school is the first step towards a successful life abroad and we understand just how confusing this can be. Our Program and School Selection service has been put in place to remove this confusion and to clear out all doubts from the process. With our personal counseling sessions, you will be able to map your choices based on your financial situation, your personal goals, and your preferences. We have partnered with multiple universities here in Canada to assist you in every way possible including scholarships, correspondence, application, etc.

Step 2
Application Submission

Here comes one of the most exciting (and difficult) parts of studying abroad – submitting the application and preparing for the interview. The application form needs to be impeccable and your zeal for learning needs to show in your interview and visa processing. Our experts will help you in all these aspects. Once you fill your form, our team of specialists and counselors will review it and provide constructive feedback so that you put your best foot forward in your application. We will also help you submit the application with all the necessary documentation. This step is crucial because documents have been known to cast a positive impression on the decision makers. For the interview preparation, we will provide a detailed questionnaire based on our experience and rehearse with you, enabling you to be confident and optimistic at the university and at the embassy.

Step 3
Letter of Acceptance

This is where the jitters come in. After you finish documentation, our experts at Chalo Overseas will submit the forms to the schools you shortlisted. At this point, all you have to do is to wait. Depending on the college or university, this can take a while. But, you don’t have to worry – good news will come sooner or later! Once we receive the Letter of Acceptance, we will let you know immediately (we hate waiting as much as you do!) so that we get started on the Visa Processing.

Step 4
Bank Loan Assistance

It’s hard but true – overseas education is expensive. We need a strong financial front to be able to study abroad. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be wealthy. Anyone can realize their foreign dreams with the help of bank loans. We are happy to reveal that we provide assistance here as well, helping you prepare documentation, which will ensure that you get the loan. We are tied up with multiple banks, including nationalized banks and depending on the requirement, we make different types of educational loans available. The government is also quite supportive in this matter, providing easy loans to promising students who have proved themselves academically. There are scholarships as well. Our services will help you knock on all these doors and get financial assistance on time. While the final decision lies with the government, please rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned to make it possible for you.

Step 5
Visa Processing

Congratulations on receiving your Letter of Acceptance! Let’s prepare you for your journey now! Most students come to us with a frown and sweaty palms, asking us to help with Visa Processing because it is quite a daunting task. The Visa interview at the embassy can make or break your plans to study abroad this year. This is why we provide rigorous training, complete with mock interviews to prepare you for this. Alongside, we will help you prepare for the interview, put together all the documents needed, and boost your confidence as you step into the Embassy. With Chalo Overseas by your side, Visa Processing won’t feel all that scary! ​

Step 6

After Receiving the Visa

  1. Flights and Forex

    Flights and Forex

    Flight Tickets and Forex When we say that you don’t have to worry about a thing, we mean it! Now that you have received your offer letter and your Visa (Yayyy!!), it’s time to start packing your bags and having farewell parties as we help you with the flight tickets and foreign exchange. We all know just how volatile the market is. The currency keeps changing every day and choosing Forex on a bad day can make you spend unnecessarily. This is why, we ensure that you get it at competitive rates. We will take care of the traveling cheques, demand drafts, international debit cards, wire transfers, and everything else related to Forex – everything will be ready for you even before you begin your journey! Our Forex assistance goes beyond the initial stages of setting up in Canada because we know that sending and receiving money can be a regular process. No matter when you need a transfer, you can always come to us.

  2. Departure and Arrival Preparation

    Departure and Arrival Preparation

    Before you take off, we will organize a pre-departure meet for a briefing and to give you a chance to get to know fellow students flying to the same country or school. This will help you have a buddy or two, easing the nerves of setting your foot on unknown soil. After your long, hopefully, fun flight, once you arrive in Canada, we will help you with accommodation and anything else that you may need during your first few days. We are usually in touch with schools so that this transition is smooth for you. If anything concerns you or if, at any point, you feel overwhelmed, you just need to reach out to us. We will set out to make the unfamiliar terrain your new home in no time!

  3. Airport Pickup and Initial Accommodation

    Airport Pickup and Initial Accommodation

    Wouldn’t it be just lovely to have someone wait for you in a foreign land? Oh, there will be! Our driver will pick you up at the airport and safely take you to your residence. Our student airport service in Canada works seamlessly right from when you update us with your travel plans. We only need one week’s notice to get everything going for you. Depending on the need, we will provide minivans, sedans, or minibuses, driven by compassionate drivers who are trained and professional. While you are on your way, you can also quickly text or call your parents to let them know you have landed safely. Tell your parents not to worry – we got this! As for initial accommodation, Canada’s schools provide multiple on-campus and off-campus options based on budget and preferences. Here are the most common options that you can choose from: · Off-campus apartments (shared) · Student residences · Homestay · Apartment rentals We advise you to start your search on the official website of your school or the international students’ office. If you have any concerns, you know what to do – call us!

  4. Medical Insurance

    Medical Insurance

    Medical insurance is a must in Canada and must be done before visa application. We have a network of doctors in Canada who can help you get everything sorted upfront. We will give you a list of doctors you can approach along with their contact details and information.

  5. Part-time Job Assistance

    Part-time Job Assistance

    While there are certain restrictions for legal part-time work for students in Canada, you may be eligible in certain cases. · If you have a study permit · If you are a full-time student in an institution that has been authorized to provide degrees In these 2 cases, you will not need a work permit and you will be able to work on-campus or off-campus based on your preferences. Our consultants will assess your situation and give you the best possible advice in this matter. Those who do not meet the aforementioned criteria may still be able to work provided they obtain a work permit. The permit needs some paperwork and our immigration consultants will be happy to help with that. Working part-time will help you financially and academically because part-time jobs give you a lot of experience. Don’t miss out on it!

Apply With Chalo Overseas

We will help you find the right universities based on the course you choose and enable you to study overseas without hassle. Throughout this process, we will be your support system, answering all your questions and providing all the help you seek to fly high and fly far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Confused? Worried? Scared? We understand that the decision to study abroad can be a tough one. Perhaps these FAQs from your fellow students will clear things up for you.

Studying abroad puts you at the forefront of your field at a global level. It exposes you to a diverse network and opens up multiple opportunities, which are usually closed to the other. International education gives you the ticket to work and live anywhere in the world.

The exact tuition depends on the location, the course, and the university. On average, it will be between $7000 to $30,000.

The requirements and conditions vary from one university to the other. During the application submission process, we will also help you apply for scholarships if you fit the presented criteria.
There may be restrictions in Canada to work part-time legally.
The exact number and type of document depend on the school(s) you are applying to. However, almost all schools ask for the following: 
  •   Passport
  •   Academic documents from class 10
  •   IELTS, TOEFL, etc. scores
  •   Work experience certificates
  •   Statement of Purpose
Here’s what you will be required to submit:
  •   Passport
  •   Offer letter
  •   IELTS, TOEFL, etc. scores
  •   Academic documents from class 10
  •   Work experience certificates
  •   Updated CV
  •   Financial documents
  •   Statement of Purpose
  •   Medical clearance
  •   Police clearance
  •   Photos

After Graduation

Career Guidance

Where do you head after receiving your degree? You are halfway there, let us tell you that. Now that your hard work has paid off, it is time to find a career path. Each course or program opens up a variety of opportunities and sometimes, the right path for you may not be clear. In that case, Chalo Overseas will provide all the assistance you need. If you want to pursue higher education, we will figure out the finances and requirements together. If you want to dive into work, we will analyze your interests, academics, etc. and shortlist the best fields for you. It’s your life – we will help you make it large! At Chalo Overseas, our efforts are completely focused on carving successful careers. Thousands of students have reaped benefits so far. Will it be you this year?

Placement Services

This is where our placement team will show its prowess! We are proud to announce that we have been delivering quality placement services so far and will continue to do so in the coming years. Once you finish your education overseas, you will start worrying about placements. But why fear when we are here? We reiterate – we are your solution to everything, including placements. Being one of the leading recruitment companies in Canada today, we have tie-ups with multiple companies and government bodies. Depending on your portfolio and academia, we will mentor you and help you find the best organizations to work at. BONUS – We will also help you with the interview process!


We lend our services to partner colleges and universities by helping them attract diverse talent from across the globe.