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Life in New Zealand

Until recently, New Zealand was only perceived as a nation with picturesque views and wildlife. It was a top tourist destination and was in the bucket list of almost every tourist. Now, it has made it to another bucket list – higher education. This small, beautiful country has an amazing lifestyle and very good universities …

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Life in Australia

The country down under gained a lot of popularity in the recent decade for its education system and we are glad it did. Australia is the perfect mix of high-quality education, ease of admission, and financial aids, all of which are important checkpoints for international students. It is important to note that it is one …

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Life in United Kingdom

Home to Oxford University, the United Kingdom is an elite location for higher education. It particularly attracts students interested in Art, Design, Finance, Science, Engineering, and Management. And, just like Canada, it is one of the Most Livable Countries in the World. This balance makes it a great destination to study, work, and live.

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Student Life in America

When we speak of studying abroad, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is “The USA.” This is because the country has established itself as a global leader with some of the best universities in the world. From Harvard to Stanford and Wharton, it boasts of quality education that barely any other country …

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Health Insurance

Health insurance is an easy-to-miss aspect of studying in Canada. But, it is extremely important. In fact, most schools have mandated it. This is why, applying for medical insurance along with all the other required documents is a must.

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Canada is an extremely student-friendly country that has taken multiple measures to encourage global education. It promotes higher studies not just by providing quality courses in world-class institutions but also by offering scholarships.

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